Personalised Children's Books

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Personalised children’s books that whisk them far far away,
without leaving home.

Testimonials of Customers who Bought Kidzname Book

A perfect birthday gift! Thank you! Little Ben adores the book and carries it everywhere.

Janet, Bristol

Been looking for such a book for ages. Fantastic illustrations and interesting story!

Andrew, Manchester

I wish I could have found this book before, it's so colourful and beautifully designed and the price is affordable.

Tony, Swansea

Thank you so much for the book, I just can't believe that it was so easy to create such a colourful book.

Oliver, Glasgow

Thank you for a quick delivery, it's a real british product and it deserves a bestsellers prize!

Mary, London

The magic ingredients

Every book is different

Each child's adventure is based on their name or address, making the story uniquely theirs.

Blending technology and art

Hand-drawn illustrations meet high-tech systems on every page, bringing your book to life.

& made by you

We literally can't start without you - each story doesn't exist until you press the button.

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