* How much is the Personalised Kids Book?

Our children's personalised book cost £16.99


* Will I get a discount for ordering of multiple Personalized Children books?

Yes, there is 10% discount for buying 2 or more books. 


* Can I return the Personalised Kids book?

Yes, if you are unhappy with our book then we would be happy to refund the price of the book after receiving it in the original conditions. Unfortunately, we are not able to refund the shipping costs.


* Can you send a Personalised Children book outside of the UK?

Yes, we ship our book internationally. Please contact us for overseas prices. 


* Do you have a tutorial on buying a book?

Below is a video tutorial how to create and purchase a book.

Unique Stories

All of our personalised kids books are unique and printed individually. Our books are designed individually for each name and colourful stories create vibrant adventure that would be exciting and interesting to follow. 

Create a Book

If you are ready to start creating a book then click here and within of a few minutes we would be able to present you with a fully personalised name book.

Kidzname Personalised Book Video Tutorial